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    Tanker rates spike as Saudis start price war

    We estimate gross industrial absorption for 2019 for the Mid-County to be approximately 10.4 million square feet, which is 17.4% better than 2018.

    The overall vacancy rate in the infill Los Angeles markets is 2.56%, There was 8.821 million square feet sold and leased in 2018 in the Mid-County,  Los Angeles/Long Beach ports combined for almost 16 million TEU’s in 2018,
    Both drayage costs and lease rates have shown increases and we believe this trend will continue for the next 12 months,
    The difference in costs for drayage between Carson at $285 per container and Redlands at $535 per container based on distance to the ports,
    Prop 13 overhaul of commercial property will be on the ballot in November 2020,
    the supply of infill industrial space in Los Angeles has a vacancy rate of less than a half percent,
    costs to construct 100,000 SF building shell $58.00 per square foot, up 10% from 2017,
    best 1st quarter 2018 for LA Harbor loaded inbound up 28% from 2017