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    Retailers  are expected to increase their inventories this summer to get ahead  of higher tariffs, The container shipping industry is concerned about the requirement to go to low-sulfur fuel in 2020 which will increase costs significantly, The Mid-County absorbed approximately 8.6 million square feet in 2018,
    Freight rates from China to the West Coast have increased by 130 percent and China to the East Coast by 126 percent over what they were a year ago,
    Lease rates for 100,000 square foot buildings with 30 foot clearances range from $1.10 gross in the south bay to $.70 gross in the inland empire east,
    World Pack signs $20 million lease on 487,000 square feet in Irwindale,
    construction costs up 13% from 2017,
    Los Angeles has the lowest industrial vacancy in the United States at 1.3%