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    Coaster Company
    Retained by Coaster Company to review current leasehold locations throughout the country and analyze transportation costs to customers. Additionally, we analyzed demographic data to determine employment costs. The result: we saved Coaster Company $3,000,000 over a five year period by restructuring leaseholds and implemented relocations which decreased transportation costs.

    Retained by Phillips to complete space programming and industrial engineering to standardize their layouts throughout the country. Additionally, we standardized the relocation process and centralized decision making. The result: we saved Phillips $300,000 per year.

    AP Express
    Retained by AP Express to complete a feasibility study on 4 different submarkets. Reviewed transportation and drayage costs which created a point of distribution model. Additionally, we acted as project manager to plan, implement, and coordinate the company’s move which included architect, sprinkler engineer, and general contractor services.